Atelier Ryza 3: Ice Bomb Synthesizing Guide


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Although the characters you’ll play as in Atelier Ryza 3 have many special skills and attacks, adding to their Core Items can never hurt. It will allow you to deal damage towards multiple enemies at once, and act swiftly in the face of an oncoming attack.

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One of the Core Items you can make for your characters is the Ice Bomb. You’re taught early on in the game how to make a regular bomb, but this one will apply an element on top. Here’s how you can make your own.


Ingredients Needed For Ice Bomb

Just like almost any other item you attempt to create in Synthesis, you will need four different ingredients to make an Ice Bomb. This includes:

  • Aqua Ore
  • Water
  • Magical
  • Neutralizers

Each of these ingredients can be found in different areas that you will explore. In particular, you won’t be able to find an Aqua Core until you reach the Kark Isles region. We will go over how you can find each ingredient to simplify the process for you.

Aqua Ore

Image of Aqua Ore in the wild in Atelier Ryza 3.

The first area where you’ll be able to find some Aqua Ore is in the Kark Isles. This is to the left of Hidden Cove, and will most likely be the sixth region that you explore in the game. When you arrive here, you’ll be able to find some Aqua Ore in the Big Lighthouse area.

Make your way to the Big Lighthouse Landmark, and on the path up here, you’ll find a few Aqua Ores on the right side. They look like a medium-sized rock with blue crystals on the sides, shown above. They look very similar to Crimson Ore, which you were able to find in earlier regions of the game.


Image of a location in the river where you can find Clean Water in Atelier Ryza 3.

Water items will include anything that has water on it, including Aqua Ore, Clean Water, Palma Fruit, Goat’s Milk, and Jellyfish Mushroom. The easiest to find of these options is Clean Water, which can be gathered from nearby rivers.

The best spot to find Clean Water nearby to the Big Lighthouse is at the location on the mini map above, northeast of the lighthouse. When you arrive, you’ll notice a shining spot in the water which you can approach to obtain Clean Water. Palma Fruit can be found on trees in the nearby area, as well.


Image of a Fairystone Fragment in the cave in Atelier Ryza 3.

Magical items will be anything that has magical properties, including Magic Tome Pieces, Fairystone Fragments, Life Leaves, and more. We suggest picking up some Fairystone Fragments if you don’t have any Magical items, as these will be easiest to find.

To find some Fairystone Fragments, make your way to the Evileater Tree Shore Landmark in the Sunken Mine region. This area is full of Fairystone Fragments, which will be the blue crystals. Use your Alchemist’s Staff on the smaller crystals to get your ingredients.


Image of Blue Neutralizer after being synthesized in Atelier Ryza 3.

These will be an item you will have to synthesize yourself, including Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green Neutralizers. Each of these Neutralizers will require completely different ingredients, but if you have been gathering enough materials on your journey so far, you should be able to make at least one of them. It doesn’t matter which one you pick for the Ice Bomb in the Synthesis Menu.

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How To Make An Ice Bomb

Image of an Ice Bomb after being synthesized in Atelier Ryza 3.

Once you’ve successfully gathered and synthesized everything you will need, you’ll now be able to create your Ice Bomb. Head to the Hideout in Pixie Forest to begin your Synthesizing process. At the cauldron, you’ll find Ice Bomb as the fourth item on the list.

As you begin the process, choose all the required ingredients to correctly synthesize the Ice Bomb. Make sure to choose as high of quality items as possible, and use up the 6 quantity slots that you have to include more traits and quality. Finally, at the end of Synthesis, choose your desired traits, and then you’ll have your Ice Bomb! You can give it to any of your characters on your team as one of their Core Items.

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