Analogue System Restocks Coming Soon, Including Super Nt and Mega Sg

The boutique retro console maker Analogue has announced that it will soon have restocks of several of its most popular items. These include the Super Nt, Mega Sg, and the company’s DAC, which allows users to convert those consoles’ digital output to analog signals.

The Super Nt and Mega Sg are reproductions of the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis, respectively, that are powered by FPGA technology. Analogue often refers to its products as “reference-quality,” meaning that the experience is essentially identical to playing on original hardware. However, these products have more bells and whistles compared to playing on an old box, including support for modern video signals like HDMI. You must provide your own game cartridges, however.

According to the company, the Super Nt restock will take place sometime in March or April, with the Mega Sg and DAC coming soon afterward. There’s still no word on a restock for the company’s latest offering, the Analogue Pocket, which is a portable handheld console that plays the entire Game Boy game library. The initial run of the Pocket is scheduled to go out this May.

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