All Time-Sensitive Quests in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)


The problem with there being so many quests to Baldur’s Gate 3 is that you can easily miss them through either a mistimed Long Rest or simply through progressing to the next act. Despite the fact that all quests give a decent chunk of XP when completed, it’s hard to find all of them in your first couple of playthroughs. Instead, it is easier to keep track of those that you can possibly lose through the wrong action. For that reason, we have compiled a list of the Baldur’s Gate 3 quests that are definitely time-sensitive and should be completed immediately upon starting.

Though technically, every single side quest is missable once you move into the next act, these are specifically those quests that can be failed through hidden time limits within the same act. Thanks to Reddit user Neville_Lynwood for putting together a list that helped us remember a few quests and details we had forgotten.

Be warned, there will definitely be spoilers ahead. You can follow the table of contents below to take care not to jump past an act you have already completed.

All Act 1 Time-Sensitive Quests in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Wizard of Waterdeep

If you never give Gale any magical artifacts after saving him, he will eventually leave the camp. This probably takes until Act Two starts, but you’ll find a note in his tent once he has left. You will never be able to get the Repairing the Weave trophy/achievement in your playthrough if this happens.

Save the Refugees

If you undergo too many long rests (somewhere over 10) without resolving the situation at the Emerald Grove, the Tiefling refugees will be forced out, and the grove will become inaccessible. This is, of course, different than just bringing Minthara and her gang into the Grove or stealing the Idol of Silvanus. Those are both direct choices versus purely inaction.

Save Arabella

Neglecting to resolve the event with the young Tiefling who stole from Kagha before you deal with the Goblin camp will result in Kagha killing her.

Save the Goblin Sazza

(This one doesn’t matter as much if you aren’t aiming for an evil playthrough.) The Goblin Sazza that the Tieflings have captive will be killed if you don’t free her before doing the Grove’s quest(s). She is also liable to die if you kick off a fight between the Druids and Tieflings.

Rescue the Gnome

Ignoring the Goblins torturing the Deep Gnome with the windmill in Blighted Village eventually leads to the Gnome’s death. You don’t have to go this way and ever reach this event, so it is possible to accidentally miss it.

Rescue the Druid Halsin

This fails/autocompletes when you kill the majority of Goblin leaders or lead Minthara to Emerald Grove. Halsin will escape the Goblin Camp without any interference on your part. If you are still a friend of the Grove, this doesn’t matter, and he will join your Camp without any issues. This quest is probably the only example where failing still gives a favorable outcome.

Rescue Volo

Fail to rescue Volo before Minthara and the Goblins move on to Moonrise Towers, he will disappear from the game completely, and you won’t get a second chance.

Save Mayrina

Taking too long to beat Auntie Ethel without extinguishing the cage she is trapped in will mean the death of Mayrina.

Owlbear and Cub

The Owlbear parent will be killed by Goblins if you enter the cave before clearing them out of the area. The Owlbear cub will be in the camp area, being used as the target in a Goblin game. You can use your True Soul powers to force the Goblin to release it, and it will join over the course of two Long Rest events. You also need the Cub to eventually get the You Have Two Hands for a Reason trophy/achievement.

Rescue the Trapped Man

When you arrive at Waukeen’s Rest for the first time, you will see several Flaming Fists trying to get through a large door, and the occupants are trapped inside by a fire. Those inside will die in the fire if you leave the area, and you’ll never be able to save the man to start his quest.


You’ll never be able to meet Mol (and she’ll never vouch for you at the Last Light Inn) if you don’t go down to the beach near the Druid area of Emerald Grove and save Mirkon from the Harpies.

Find the Missing Shipment

Waiting too long to assist the Zhentarim in the cave being besieged by Gnolls will end with them dead and the shipment gone.

Free True Soul Nere

Two long rests after first entering the Grymforge will result in Nere’s death without being dug out. However, this means you can now dig Nere out yourself and loot them without the proceeding fight.

All Act 2 Time-Sensitive Quests in Baldur’s Gate 3

Rescue Wulbren

Progressing into the Shadowlands without breaking Wulbren out of prison in Moonrise Towers will result in his death. This is also tied to the Under Lock and Key trophy/achievement that is obviously missable.

Wake Up Art Cullagh

Progressing too far into Act Two will fail this quest, and as a result, you’ll never be able to recruit Halsin to join your party properly.

All Act 3 Time-Sensitive Quests in Baldur’s Gate 3

Stop the Presses

Taking a Long Rest before paying a visit to those running the newspaper will result in bad rumors being spread about your party throughout Baldur’s Gate. Failing this isn’t recommended as it will hurt your interactions with Baldur’s Gate citizens.

Find Mystic Carrion’s Servants/Defeat Mystic Carrion

As you work your way through this quest, you will discover several of the Mystic Carrion’s organs in jars. While you are free to break or not break several of these, you need to make sure to destroy the heart before fighting it. Failing to do so means it revives after the fight and will return to continue its task, causing this quest to fail.

Free Counsellor Florrick

A large number of Long Rests (around five or more) before making your way to where Counsellor Florrick is being held will result in her death, and this quest will fail.

There are likely other time-sensitive quests we are missing (somewhat ironically), so this guide will be updated as more are found. In the meantime, be sure to consult this list to make sure you are doing the quests as they appear so you can still reap the rewards. For more Baldur’s Gate 3 guides, be sure to check out our links below.

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