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Putrid Avatars are mini bosses that can often be encountered around Minor Erdtrees. While not as strong as regular bosses, Putrid Avatars can still give players who are new to Elden Ring a run for their money. These mini bosses are entirely optional, however, you’ll want to fight them anyway because they drop some pretty good rewards when defeated.

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There are five Putrid Avatars scattered across the Lands Between, all of them more or less identical in terms of HP, movesets, resistances, and vulnerabilities. Putrid Avatars are also very similar to Erdtree Avatars, with the main difference being that this particular variant is capable of infecting players with Scarlet Rot. Fire damage is by far the most effective way of dealing with a Putrid Avatar as they are either highly resistant or downright immune to most other types of damage.


Putrid Avatar Locations And Rewards

Most Putrid Avatars can be found out in the open world and can be fought while mounted. Three of them will drop Crystal Tears when defeated while the remaining two will drop other types of rewards. Down below you can find the location of every Putrid Avatar in Elden Ring along with details related to the rewards. The mini bosses are listed in the order you are likely to encounter them during a regular playthrough.

Caelid Putrid Avatar

Putrid Avatar in Caelid

The first Putrid Avatar can be found guarding the Minor Erdtree located in the northwestern part of Caelid. From the Smoldering Church Site of Grace, make your way east but don’t follow the road. Rather, head down the hill towards the Minor Erdtree, and you’ll run into the Putrid Avatar in no time. If you’re looking for a Site of Grace that’s a bit closer, you can run past the Avatar and enter the Minor Erdtree Catacombs. You can use the catacombs as a hiding spot to make the fight easier. Alternatively, you can climb the tree in front of the Putrid Avatar and take it out using ranged attacks.

Regardless of how you choose to deal with the Caelid Putrid Avatar, you’ll be rewarded with 9,600 runes, the Greenburst Crystal Tear, and the Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear for defeating it. The Greenburst Crystal Tear restores 15 Stamina points per second for 3 minutes while the Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear boosts Fire damage by 20% for 3 minutes.

Dragonbarrow Putrid Avatar

Putrid Avatar in Dragonbarrow

The second Putrid Avatar can be found guarding the Minor Erdtree located along the road leading to the Bestial Sanctum. You can quickly reach it by starting at the Dragonbarrow Fork Site of Grace and taking the road that leads up the hill. If you want to reach it very early on in the game, make your way to the Third Church of Marika in eastern Limgrave and take the waygate that leads to the Bestial Sanctum. From there, head south past the bridge and you’ll come across the Putrid Avatar in no time. This mini boss can be quite challenging for a low-level player, but you can use the Spiritspring behind the Minor Erdtree to jump up the cliff and get in and out of the fight at your leisure.

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It’s possible to make the fight easier by pulling the Putrid Avatar behind the tree and attacking it from above with a Greatbow or a sorcery with considerable reach. Just make sure to hide when the mini boss casts Golden Land because you’ll be in range of its projectiles even while standing on the cliff. Upon defeating the Putrid Avatar you’ll be rewarded with 91,000 runes, the Opaline Hardtear, and the Stonebarb Cracked Tear. The Opaline Hardtear increases damage negation from all sources by 15% for 3 minutes while the Stonebarb Cracked Tear increases Stance damage by 30% for 3 minutes.

Consecrated Snowfield Putrid Avatar

Putrid Avatar in Consecrated Snowfield

The third Putrid Avatar can be found guarding the Minor Erdtree located in the northern part of the Consecrated Snowfield. From the Ordina, Liturgical Town Site of Grace, make your way southeast until you reach the Minor Erdtree. Circle around the tree and you’ll find the Putrid Avatar sitting in a small clearing just behind it. You can make this fight easier by using the plethora of rocks and trees in the area to your advantage. Use a tanky Spirit Summon to soak all the damage and hit the Spirit Avatar with Fire-based Incantations, arrows, or bombs.

Upon defeating the Putrid Avatar you’ll be rewarded with 160,000 runes, the Ruptured Crystal Tear, and the Thorny Cracked Tear. The Ruptured Crystal Tear causes an explosion that deals Holy damage in a radius around the player, however, it also damages the player in the process. Meanwhile, the Thorny Cracked Tear makes consecutive attacks gradually stronger for up to 3 minutes. At most, you can expect a damage boost of 20% when drinking a concoction that uses this Crystal Tear.

Elphael, Brace Of The Haligtree Putrid Avatars

First Putrid Avatar in Elphael

Elphael contains not one but two Putrid Avatars. To reach the first one, start at the Prayer Room Site of Grace and start walking forward until you’re outside and can see a bridge to your right. Take a few more steps and you’ll spot a Putrid Avatar guarding the southern end of the bridge. You can quickly get to it by jumping down a couple of levels and then going around the tower you’ll encounter along the way. Alternatively, you can take the long route via the stairs.

You shouldn’t have any issues defeating the Putrid Avatar at this point in the game, but if you want to make the fight easier anyway, pull the mini boss to the other end of the bridge and use the building there for cover. Upon defeating the Putrid Avatar on the bridge you’ll be rewarded with 27,090 runes and the Rotten Staff, a colossal weapon that inflicts Scarlet Rot build-up.

Second Putrid Avatar in Elphael

As far as the second Putrid Avatar is concerned, it can be found just outside the building containing the Elphael Inner Wall Site of Grace. The Putrid Avatar can go inside the building once attacked and will be accompanied by a couple of Haligtree Knights, so prepare for a tough fight. If you want to make the fight easier, use the ladder found inside the building to climb to the upper level and kill everything using ranged attacks. Might be best to kill the knights first because they can follow you up the ladder if you don’t deal with them quickly. Upon defeat, the Putrid Avatar will drop 27,090 runes along with a Lord’s Rune, which can be consumed for an additional 50K runes. Rune-ception!

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