All Paldea Pokemon revealed so far


A new Pokémon Scarlet & Violet trailer released this week gave us what might be our biggest look at the new Pokémon generation yet, including a bunch of previously unseen Pokémon, names for creatures we have managed to peek at, and a better look at how the game unfolds. 

As mentioned in our biggest Violet & Scarlet announcements list, the game is fully open-world, and will allow you to undertake three separate storylines in any order that you like, including a traditional gym leader challenge, culminating in a journey up Victory Road. It all sounds perfect, if it weren’t for those cursed Transformer-like legendary Pokémon.

Still, Paldea looks like a fascinating region, and a new Pokémon generation always comes with new Pokémon to play with, of course. In this guide we’ll be breaking down all of the brand new Paldea Pokémon we know about so far.


The first of the three new starter Pokémon, Sprigatito is a Grass-type cat Pokémon. It comes with a new signature move, and is easily one of cuter starters being added in Scarlet & Violet. Plus, it can use photosynthesis through its fur, which is a character trait we all wish we had.


This red boy is a brand new Fire-type starter based on a sweet crocodile. Fuecoco looks a bit dumb, honestly, but he manages to be one of the cooler new starters, and we’re very excited to see what his evolved form looks like.


We won’t hear a bad word said about Quaxly, do you understand? The hair? The stance? The attitude? The sass? Quaxly is one of the best starters in years. No comments.


As outlined in our extensive legendary Pokémon complaint, Koraidon is cool. Or would be, if it weren’t for the two wheels protruding from its chest and rear end. I can’t get over them, sorry.


Koraidon has issues, but Miraidon is unforgivable. Sorry, I do not like the weird robot Pokémon. The hind legs turn into jet engines as it flies through the air. It sounds cool, but looks silly.


Perfectly round pig Pokémon. Lechonk might’ve been one of the first Pokémon announced simply because they knew how popular it would be. Lechonk is sweet, adorable, and looks delicious, frankly. Not like we’d let anyone eat the little guy.


A new electric rodent on the block? Pikachu must be outraged. Pawmi is a new electric mouse that is incredibly small, and has the potential to be shockingly powerful. Plus? Cute.


It’s a small olive. Smoliv. Game Freak, the naming convention is perfect here. No notes.


The signature monster of Gym Leader Grusha, Cetitan is a hulking behemoth, and the region’s flagship Ice-type Pokémon. This creature is a literal land whale with the power of ice, and yes, it looks super cool. Paired with Thick Fat, an ability that reduces Fire-type damage, Cetitan is a force to be reckoned with.


This is a dog made of dough. Fidough. This has already been referred to as a “meme Pokémon” or something that is overly cute to deliberately appeal to fans. Well, guess what? It’s working. Fidough is amazing. Checkmate, haters.

Paldean Wooper

The first regional variant added to Scarlet & Violet, Paldean Wooper is an adorable new design for a gen-2 favourite. Paldean Wooper has been granted the Poison/Ground-type, and gets the Water Absorb ability to make up for its new weakness. This is also the first Poison/Ground Pokémon, after all these years.

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