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Borderlands always had a way to cure discouragement when it comes to leveling up or legendary loot, and the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands game is no exception. While you start off having low luck in finding good loot, there are ways throughout the campaign that allow you to increase this luck, including finding Lucky Dice.

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These 260 Lucky Dice will give you a permanent 20% increase in Loot Luck. Not only that, but you will also get random gold as well as gear from finding these dice. Following this guide, you will notice that the dice may go out of order from the actual game instead to make it easier on you. But, once you are done following this guide, you will be 22 dice closer to finally dominating Tiny Tina’s campaign with legendary loot.


Before embarking on the search for these dice in Crackmast Cove, you must first pick up the mission for this area called Trial Of Crooked-Eye Phil. This will make it easier to access all the dice locations.

Ledge Near Waterfall

The first dice you’re searching for is on a ledge with a single tree next to a small waterfall. You’ll notice the ground is glowing yellow and when you melee this spot, you will find the dice. Melee is a very popular technique, especially melee in horror games, for combat or just the preferred method to get things done.

Beach Shack Deck

A Tiny Tina's Wonderlands character in Crackmast looking at a golden lucky dice on the beach shack deck.

The next dice will be located on the wooden deck of a beach shack. This dice may be one of the easiest as it’s just sitting out in the open.

Beach Shack Overhang

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands character looking at the lucky dice on the beach shack overhang in Crackmast.

This dice will require a little climbing as it’s almost on the roof of one of the beach shacks. You will notice a wooden weapons chest on the deck of this small shack. To get the dice, you must climb first on the crates next to the house, then up to the overhang coming off of the roof. The dice will be among a small white flour-looking sack, barrel, some boxes, and a couple of bags.

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Broken Beached Ship

Character in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands looking at the lucky dice located in a broken beached ship with a weapons case and crabs crawling around.

While you’re on the beach, you will probably notice a lot of wreckage and broken ships. In one particular half-ship, there will be not only a dice, but also a weapons case on the side as well.

Hidden In The Grass

A character finds a golden lucky dice in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Crackmast in the long grass on the beach overlooking the area.

The plant life will be disguising this next dice away from the water a little bit. It will be tucked away within some of the shadows of the cove next to a big leaf and some grass.

The Fishing Beam

Character finding golden lucky dice right before the fishing beam in an old ship harbor in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Crackmast area.

Dice number 6 will be on this big wooden fishing device that overlooks beached ships and wreckages from probably some of the best pirates of all time. The dice will be just before the beam holding the fishing net.

On The Dock

A lucky dice was found in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Crackmast area on the dock near a rope gate.

This dice will be out in the open on a dock with a rope fence above it.

Inaccessible Ledge

The character is looking up at the inaccessible Lucky Dice on a ledge in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Crackmast map.

For the next dice in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Crackmast Cove, there are two ways you could grab it. The first is by grabbing the “A Wandering Aye” side mission which allows you to progress through the main mission, and eventually you will make it to that area. However, if you don’t want to go through everything that mission entails, there is a second option.

While you can not climb this ledge, you can use photo mode. When you are standing just below where the dice is, you will jump and hit photo mode. Moving the camera up, get as close as you can to the dice and right when you let go, spam the interaction button, and you should be able to grab it.

Once you grab the dice, you can use photo mode to spam collect the loot that is dropped.

Sitting On The Path

A player finds a Lucky Dice in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Crackmast area sitting in the middle of the sandy path.

This dice is a bit easier, as it will be sitting in the middle of the path at the end of part of the map.

In An Open Structure

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Crackmast area where a character finds a Lucky Dice in an open structure next to a table and crates.

This is the last dice you can complete without picking up the main mission. Without the main mission you will get progression blocked as there are 3 gates preventing you from getting to the rest of the map. This dice is just sitting in an open structure next to a table that has a couple candles on it and some crates.

Next To Cannon

A character discovers the golden lucky dice next to a cannon with candles at the base of it before they cross a wooden bridge over a trench.

You will reach an area that has a wooden bridge above what looks to be a dark trench. The golden dice is sitting next to a cannon with several lit candles at the base of it.

Parkour Near Fast Travel Station

A character parkouring to reach the top of a house's deck to collect a Lucky Golden Dice next to a weapons chest.

At this fast travel station, the dice will be up above on the over hanging deck that the fishing net is jutting out from. You will need to parkour up that first slanted beam that you would typically walk under, then walk over to the platform and the dice will be in the brush next to two small safes stacked on each other.

Behind The Tents

In Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Crackmast map, a lucky dice is found next to a tent in the grass.

This next one is just around the corner from the last. You’ll come to some tents and the dice is situated next to and behind one of the tents in the grass. Once you get past the fast travel station, and you’ve gone through the gate to the giant village area, you should find 5-7 more dice.

There are a lot of side missions in this area that you are not obligated to complete as they will not help or hinder your collection of all the dice in this map.

Behind Crates On A Porch

A hidden lucky dice was found by a character behind wooden barrels on a deck overlooking the sea in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Crackmast.

On a house that has a hammock-looking rope structure hanging from it with what looks to be garlic, you will find the next dice behind this house. This house is overlooking the sea and the only way to completely see the dice is to break the barrels.

Between Two Buildings

A player finds a Lucky Golden Dice between two houses in the grass near a weapons case and chest.

Number 15 will be in the grass next to two houses. You will see a weapons case on the main wooden walkway then a chest up on the deck of one of these houses.

Surrounded By Stairs

The character finds a Lucky Dice on the lower deck of a house next to candles in a village in the Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Crackmast map.

This dice is on the deck of a house that has a lower deck. There are a bunch of stairs and platforms in this village to climb. If you go off to the side of the main path, you will see an old cannon as well as a lower deck portion of a house that has a few candles. The dice will be next to these candles.

Sewer Dice

A Lucky Dice is found by a player in the sewers of Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Crackmast next to the sewer grate.

This Gearbox game gives plenty of cosplay ideas and characters including Churl Finbreaker who will open the gate for you to allow you to progress your search for the dice. Going to the edge of a short pier, you will drop off and land on a little ledge.

Once you drop on there, turn around, and you’ll notice a wall you can melee through leading to the sewers. Following this pipe all the way down, you will find the dice just before the barred up sewer grate.

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Inside Wreckage

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands character finds a Golden Lucky Dice inside of a broken ship with a chest at the base of it in Crackmast.

From the fast travel station, you will be traveling in a backward C pattern. You will be following the map until you come to what looks to be a long bridge.

When you’re on this bridge, you will see a pale blue building with a rope ladder hanging from it. You need to jump off the bridge and grab that ladder. This may take a couple attempts but once you’re up top, you will see the dice inside the broken structure.

To get inside, you need to climb on top of the chest at the base and jump into it. This too may take a few tries as for some reason it can be difficult to make that jump. Once you make it, you’ll see dice number 18 sitting in the middle.

Around The Corner From Phil

A lucky dice is found by player in the corner of a deck around the corner from Phil in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Crackmast area.

This next one is close to the main mission and when you go to talk to Phil, who’s in a box suspended over the map, you will find this dice around the corner.

Edge Of A Wall

The Golden Lucky Dice is found by the player on the edge of a wall next to two chests on the edge of a Crackmast town in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

This one is on the edge of a wall on the right side. If you progress a little bit, you will see that between two chests tucked away in a corner will be dice number 20.

Under A Bridge

Character discovers Lucky Dice under a wooden bridge sitting in a shallow stream in a cavern area on the Crackmast map in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands.

The last two are progression blocked by the “All Swashed Up” mission located close to a fast travel station. You will find the dice about halfway through the mission. You must do the mission in order to gain access to the mouth of this giant skeleton creature that leads you to the dice.

This dice you will find after falling through a tunnel into a quiet little stream. You will then notice the dice is placed beneath a small wooden bridge in the shallow water.

Castle Ruins

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands player finds a Golden Lucky Dice on a platform next to the castle wall in Crackmast map.

Once you enter what seems to be stone castle ruins, you will need to do some climbing to reach the final dice in Crackmast Cove. You will come in from the back and walk straight towards the wooden door with the torch next to it.

There is a wooden platform to the right of this door which you need to climb. Make another jump to the next platform and immediately turn to face the crate that is next to you. Jump on this crate to reach the final platform level and there you will find the final dice next to the rock wall.

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