All Hades 2 Arcana Cards & How to Upgrade Them


In Hades 2, you collect Arcana Cards and equip them to give yourself various buffs. They replace the Mirror of Night system from the first game and let you choose from a variety of buffs. To get these cards, you need to visit the Altar of Ashes and then spend some Ash to unlock them. You can’t see all of them at the start, so let’s go over all the Arcana Cards in Hades 2.

All Arcana Cards in Hades 2

Here is our list of all Arcan Cards in Hades 2, their effects, and unlock requirements:

Altar Card Effect Unlock Requirement
The Sorceress While you channel your Ω moves, everything moves slower for a period of 2 seconds. 1x Ash
The Wayward Son When you leave a place, you gain back 2 health, or double that if you have less than 30 % health. 3x Ash
The Huntress While you have less than 100% Magick, your Attack and Special deal +30% more damage. 10x Ash
Death Your Ω Moves have 3% more chance to cause critical damage. 15x Ash
The Messenger You have 6% more chance to dodge. Awakening: Activate at least 3 cards that use the same amount of Grasp. No Ash Cost
The Furies Deal 20% more damage to enemies in your Casts. 3x Ash
The Titan Gain +20 Life and +20 Magick. 3x Ash.
The Unseen You gain back 2 magic every second. 20x Ash
Night Your Hex charges up automatically even if using 2 Magick every second. 25x Ash
The Lovers In battles with guardians, you don’t take damage on the first hit. 30x Ash
The Swift Runner Your Sprint is 20% faster. 10x Ash
Eternity Start each night with 1 Death Defiance. 20x Ash
The Centaur After every 5 Locations, you gain +3 Life and +3 Magick. Awakening: Activate cards that use 1 to 5 Grasp. 25x Ash, 1x Cinder
The Moon Your Ω Cast gets 50 more power when it explodes. 30x Ash
Strength While you have less than 30% Life, you take 30% less damage and do 30% more damage. 35x Ash
The Fates Start each night with +1 Change of Fate extra chance to change your fate. You can change the rewards at locations. 15x Ash
The Boatman Start each night with 200 more gold. 25x Ash
Originator You do 25% more damage to enemies that have at least 2 curse effects on them. 30x Ashes
Excellence When you are offered any Boons, you have a +30% chance to improve them to Rare. 35x Ash
The Queen If you are offered any Boons, they have +6% chance to be a Duo (whenever possible). Awakening: Don’t use more than 2 cards with the same Grasp. 40x Ash, 1x Tears
The Seer Start each night with +2 Change of Fate. Awakening: Activates all surrounding cards. 20x Ash, 1x Wool
The Champions Start each night with +1 Change of Fate. You can change Boons and some other choices. 30x Ash
The Artificer Start each night with 1 chance to turn a Minor Find into a random Major one. 35x Ash
Divinity When you are offered any Boons, there’s a 10% more chance to be improved to epic. Awakening: Use all 5 cards in any other row 40x Ash, 1x G. Apple
Judgment After you beat a Guardian, activate 3 random inactive Altar Cards. Awakening: Don’t use more than 3 cards 50x Ash, 1x Z. Sand

How to Upgrade Arcana Cards

You can also upgrade these cards to boost their effects. But to do that, you first need to perform the Consecration of Ashes incantation. After this, you can purchase the Moon Dust from Wretched Broker. Moon Dust is a very crucial item in the game, as you need it to upgrade your cards. You can also collect Moon Dust through Charon’s Delivery Service.

Image Source: Supergiant Games via Twinfinite

When you have the Moon Dust, you just need to visit the Altar of Ashes to upgrade your desired Altar Card.

That’s all for this guide. Feel free to take a look at our other guides on Hades 2, such as all hexes and upgrades in Hades 2, how to get wool in Hades 2, and how to get Driftwood.

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