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Dead By Daylight is home to some of the most nerve-wracking experiences that can exist in a video game. As the king of multiplayer horror, it does an amazing job of keeping survivors on their toes as they search for a way out.

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Out of the two ways of escaping the killer, finding the hatch is usually the less desired and more difficult route. To ease the tension of the hatch search, this guide highlights the best places to look if you want a hatch escape in the Coldwind Farms realm.


Coldwind Farms Explained

This realm is a part of the main 19 included in Dead By Daylight. As one of the bigger realms, it has a total of five maps that sport the same orange aesthetic. While it’s one of the brighter realms, don’t be fooled. The dusty atmosphere obscures vision pretty badly, leaving you with nothing to see until it’s too late.

The five maps in this realm include Fractured Cowshed, Rancid Abattoir, Rotten Fields, The Thompson House, and Torment Creek.

The developers are keen on ensuring that no two games feel the same, so it’s important to know that none of these hatch locations are guaranteed to work. Instead, they were selected based on probability from previous matches played on the selected maps.

You can actually improve your chances of finding the hatch by watching your character’s feet closely. If you notice that you’re slightly floating in a particular area of the map, keep that location in mind. Once the hatch spawns, return to that location and enjoy a quick getaway.

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Fractured Cowshed

Dead By Daylight Coldwind Farms Fractured Cowshed

You’ll find a destroyed and abandoned blimp in the area, it’s hard to miss. Head to the location and go towards the northeast or general northern direction of this wreckage. Keep to the region of the crash site to stay safe, as the hatch tends to spawn here.

Rancid Abattoir

Dead By Daylight Coldwind Farms Rancid Abattoir

This one is relatively easy, but it’s still a pretty terrifying sequence. As the name of this map implies, you’ll want to look out for the place where dead pigs are hanging en masse.

It’s also possible for the hatch to spawn close to the exits, but this also has a noteworthy tip to remember. When a hatch is around the exits, check the general exit area and look out for a fence. It will spawn beside it.

Rotten Fields

Dead By Daylight Coldwind Farms Rotten Fields

On this map, the hatch tends to spawn on the fields, close to the exit.

However, the likelihood of a random hatch location is nothing light. This is easily the most unpredictable map on the Coldwind farms. Look through the crops and see if you can find the hatch if the first location doesn’t work.

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The Thompson House

Dead By Daylight Coldwind Farms The Thompson House

The Thompson House map received a visual update, making it a distinct landmark. You’ll want to be in the general area of the house to find the hatch. For a better chance, head to the back and find the porch, next to a small corner. This location is hard to miss, so it’s best to remember it and find your way there as soon as the need arises.

Torment Creek

Dead By Daylight Coldwind Farms Torment Creek

On this map, you’ll find a building that is kind of torn down halfway. Search beside this specific building for the hatch.

A lot of the buildings on this map are quite similar, so take a close and observant look. The half-torn appearance of the hatch’s building should help as a visual cue.

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