All Blessings list in Last Epoch


Blessings in Last Epoch are permanent buffs your characters can receive, and since there are quite a few we’ll list them all out.

You’ll receive Blessings from completing timelines in the Monolith of Fate, and you’ll have a choice of three to decide on.

Last Epoch: List of all Blessings

Blessings will either help improve item drop rates or increase stats, all depending on which timeline you’re conquering. To make searching for the right Blessings easier for you, here’s a list of them all in Last Epoch, categorized by each timeline.

Reminder: There are normal and Empowered timelines. Empowered timelines are always at level 100, and will increase the stats of your Blessings. We’ll only be covering normal timeline Blessings here.

Fall of the Outcasts Blessings (Level 58)

Blessing Effect
Curse of Flesh 30-50% increased Huge Idol drop rate
Favor of Souls 30-50% increased Ornate Idol drop rate
Mark of Agony 30-50% increased Adorned Idol drop rate
Memory of the Living 10-15% increased Glyph drop rate
Pride of Rebellion 30-50% increased Grand Idol drop rate
Scales of Greed 25-40% increased Gold drop rate
Sight of the Outcasts 30-50% increased Large Idol drop rate
Sign of Torment 30-50% increased Rune drop rate
Strength of Mind 4-6% increased EXP
Winds of Fortune 10-15% increased Unique Item drop rate

The Stolen Lance Blessings (Level 62)

Blessing Effect
Apex of Fortune 15-30% increased Quiver drop rate
Arrogance of Argentus 10-20% increased Helmet drop rate
Birds of Sanctuary 15-30% increased Shield drop rate
Embrace of Ice 10-20% increased Body Armor drop rate
Grip of the Lance 15-30% increased Gloves drop rate
Might of the Siege 15-30% increased Belt drop rate
Reach of Flame 15-30% increased Off-Hand Catalyst drop rate
Right of Conquest 15-30% increased Boots drop rate
Slumber of Morditas 12-25% increased Relic drop rate
Talon of Granduer 15-30% increased Ring drop rate
Vision of the Aurora 15-30% increased Amulet drop rate

The Black Sun Blessings (Level 66)

Blessing Effect
Depths of Infinity 10-20% chance to Shred Void Resistance on hit
Echo of Solarum 25-40$ Void Resistance
Emptiness of Ash 20-26% Critical Strike Multiplier
Flames of the Black Sun +40-60% chance to Ignite on hit
Greed of Darkness 6-10 Ward gain on kill
+60-100 Ward Decay Threshold
Hunger of the Void 1.2-2% of Spell Damage Leeched as Health
Memory of Light +30-42 Health
Shadow of the Eclipse +40-60 Dodge Rating
Strength of the Mountain 10-14 Health Gain on Block
Thirst of the Sun 20-30% increased Leech Rate
Whisper of Orobyss 40-60% increased Void Damage
Winds of Oblivion 30-50% increased Critical Strike Chance
Wrath of Rahyeh 1.2-2% of Throwing Damage Leeched as Health

Blood, Frost, and Death Blessing (Level 70)

Blessing Effect
Ambition of the Empire 30-45% increased Two-Handed Sword drop rate
Chill of Death 30-45% increased Two-Handed Staff drop rate
Cruelty of Formosus 30-45% increased Wand drop rate
Enmity of the Clans 30-45% increased One-Handed Sword drop rate
Favor of the Wengari 30-45% increased Two-Handed Axe drop rate
Remorse of Heorot 30-45% increased Two-Handed Spear drop rate
Resolve of Frost 30-45% increased One-Handed Mace drop rate
Savior of the North 30-45% increased Scepter drop rate
Scars of Blood 30-45% increased One-Handed Axe drop rate
Shards of Unity 30-45% increased Two-Handed Mazedrop rate
Subtlety of Slaughter 30-45% increased Dagger drop rate
Vigilance of the Damned 30-45% increased Bow drop rate

Ending the Storm Blessings (Level 75)

Blessing Effect
Bastion of Divinity +25-40% Lightning Resistance
Chaos of Lagon 40-60% increased Lightning damage
Crash of the Waves 50-90% increased Stun Chance
Cruelty of the Meruna +40-60% chance to Shock on hit
Grace of Water 40-70 Ward gained on Potion use
+80-140 Ward Decay Threshold
Intellect of Liath 15-25% chance to gain 30 Ward when hit
Light of the Moon +30-50 Mana
Might of the Sea Titan 40-60% increased Cold Damage
Mysteries of the Deep +10-20% chance to Shred Lightning Resistance on hit
Resonance of the Sea +17-25 Ward per second
Rhythm of the Tide 60-100% increased Health Regen
+6-10 Health Regen
Trance of the Sirens 10-14% increased Shock Duration
Weight of the Abyss +100-180% Freeze Rate Multiplier

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Fall of the Empire Blessings (Level 80)

Blessing Effect
Boon of the Scarab 25-35% increased Bow Shard drop rate
Despair of the Empire 25-40% increased Ailment Shard drop rate
Hope of the Beginning 7-14% increased Prefix Shard drop rate
Inevitability of the Void 16-26% increased Two-Handed Staff Shard drop rate
Remnants of the Living 20-30% increased Ring Shard drop rate
Rot of the World 25-35% increased Wand Shard drop rate
Safety of the Labyrinth 10-20% increased Amulet Shard drop rate
Shadows of Infinity 10-20% increased Relic Shard drop rate
Visions of Death 25-35% increased Two-Handed Spear Shard drop rate

Reign of Dragons Blessings (Level 85)

Blessing Effect
Allure of Apathy +40-60% chance to Slow on hit
Binds of Nature 40-60% increased Poison damage
Cruelty of Strength 40-60% increased Physical damage
Despair of Flesh 40-60% increased Necrotic damage
Dream of Eterra +25-40% Necrotic Resistance
Guile of Wyrms +60-90% chance to Shred Poison Resistance on hit
Hemmorage of Marrow +40-60% chance to Bleed on hit
Hunger of Dragons 2-4% of Melee Damage Leeched as Health
Persistence of Will +25-40% Poison Resistance
Resolve of Humanity +7-12% to All Resistances
Survival of Might +30-45% Critical Strike Avoidance
Taste of Venom +40-60% chance to Poison on hit
Virtue of Command +8-15% to All Minion Resistances

The Last Ruin Blessings (Level 90)

Blessing Effect
Bastion of the Heart 12-20% increased Body Armor Shard drop rate
Binding of Ruin 20-30% increased Belt Shard drop rate
Comfort of the End 12-20% increased Suffix Shard drop rate
Grasp of Hope 20-30% increased Gloves Shard drop rate
Knowledge of Skill 12-20% increased Skill Shard drop rate
Memory of Masters 10-18% increased Class Specific Shard drop rate
Refuge of Despair 20-30% increased Shield Shard drop rate
Remnants of the Elders 20-30% increased Off-Hand Catalyst Shard drop rate
Temple of the Mind 12-20% increased Helmet Shard drop rate

The Age of Winter Blessings (Level 90)

Blessing Effect
Bones of Eternity +3-4% Block Chance
+100-140 Block Effectiveness
Bulwark of the Tundra 12-24% increased Armor
Defiance of Yulia +5-10 Spell Cold Damage while Channeling
Fury of the North +10-20% chance to Shred Physical Damage on hit
Heart of Ice +20-35% chance to Chill on hit
Maw of Artor +40-60% chance to apply Frostbite on hit
Protection of Heorot +25-40% Cold Resistance
Rage of Winter +10-20% chance to Shred Cold Resistance on hit
Resolve of Grael +25-40% Physical Resistance
Vigor of Jormun +40-70 Endurance Threshold
Winds of Frost +30-50% Freeze Rate per stack of Chill

Spirits of Fire Blessings (Level 90)

Blessing Effect
Body of Obsidian +120-180 Armor
Breath of Cinders +10-20% chance to Shred Fire Resistance
Curse of Sulphur +20-35% chance to apply Frailty on hit
Embers of Immortality +10-14 Endurance
Flames of Calamity 40-60% increased Fire Damage
Heart of the Caldera +25-40% Fire Resistance
Might of Bhuldar 20-30% increased Stun Duration
Patience of Herkir +200-350 Armor while Channeling
Promise of Death +10-20% chance to Shred Necrotic Resistance on hit
Spirit of Command 40-60% increased Minion damage
Swiftness of Logi 15-35% increased Dodge Rating

With that extensive list out of the way, you should also check out our guide on all Ailments in Last Epoch since many of these Blessings aid with a variety of Ailments.


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