10 Game Series That Could Benefit from a Genre-Changing Spin-Off


Sometimes game series do things really well and are incredibly successful, leading them to stick to the same game formula for years to come. However, while this does great things for the franchise, it excludes people who don’t care about a specific genre. It can benefit series to create spin-off games in new genres that help bring in new fans while also giving new content to current players. For series that have been running for a decade or longer, new genres can also breathe life into the main games in the franchise. 

These 10 game series could do some serious good with a new genre-changing spin-off. 


Image Credit: Riot Games via Twinfinite

The FPS style of Valorant isn’t for everyone, but it could be the perfect story-based RPG game. The world-building of Valorant is impeccable. Between the Kingdom, Radianite, and story lore alone, there’s plenty of content waiting to be explored – it could even make multiple games or DLC for one game.

Considering the agents already have kits that could be translated to team-based combat, this could easily make things fresh and interesting for longtime players as well. Plus, considering the world-building and narrative style of Valorant is fixed because of the gameplay, it would give developers a chance to expand in ways that aren’t currently possible.


Minecraft promo art for Caves and Cliffs update
Image via Mojang Studios

Nearly everyone has played or heard of Minecraft. Since so many people love it, why not make a party game to capitalize on it? Minecraft is one of, if not the, most popular children’s video game out there – while parents may not want to actually play the sandbox game, they may be more willing to play a family party game filled with fun minigames.

Considering there’s so much to do in Minecraft, it may not be hard to create minigames, either. If done well, a Minecraft party game could rival some of the biggest party games out there, such as Mario Party, because of how much kids (and adults) love it.

The Elder Scrolls

combat in Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim
Image via Bethesda

Hear me out – there are too few monster-taming games out there and too many open-world RPG games. The Elder Scrolls series could make a great spin-off by creating a monster-taming game. 

Instead of fighting the monsters in various lands, why not tame them and fight with them? This could be a great spin-off game that uses a lot of the already-created creatures from the games. Considering the POV of Elder Scrolls games, this could make for an experience like Pokemon Legends: Arceus, but in first-person. There are also plenty of ways combat could go, such as live-action, Tekken-type combat, or the standard turn-based combat that most monster-taming games use. 

In the same way that Monster Hunter created Monster Hunter Stories, Elder Scrolls could have a fun and profitable spin-off game here.

Genshin Impact

Venti in Genshin Impact
Image Credit: Hoyoverse via Twinfinite

The gacha mechanics are not for everyone, and many people steer clear of Genshin Impact because of it. However, the deep lore and incredible story in the game deserve more attention called to it, so a story-based RPG would be the perfect spin-off. 

In fact, some fans have already created ideas like this. It could also make for some really interesting combat with the concept of Elemental Reactions – a turn-based combat system could stand out in the best way possible. 

There’s also plenty of lore that could be explored in a more focused way with things like visual novels. Even the Hangout Events could be recreated into a Dating Sim (although some of them are pretty close now). 


winking Mario new genre
Image via Nintendo

The Mario franchise is massive, and it already encompasses a lot of different genres. However, what it hasn’t touched much on is card game video games. While it may seem like a niche genre, there’s been enough success in it that a Mario game could easily swoop in and do well. 

Mario games have had silly concepts too, so the idea of using a deck to get through a game wouldn’t be too far left-field. Nintendo could easily find a way to make the game easy to play for younger audiences as well. 

Even if it’s a game solely dedicated to some kind of TCG mechanics, it could be perfect for Mario fanatics and kids alike. 


New Pokemon genre like Mystery Dungeon DX
Image Credit: Nintendo via Twinfinite

There’s no shortage of Pokemon spin-offs, but one kind that we don’t have yet is a rhythm game. With action like the Mystery Dungeon games, a rhythm-based game could be a fun and challenging way to experience Pokemon. 

Fans are getting tired of the same formula most Pokemon games have – it’s why Legends: Arceus did so well. It makes sense for the franchise to try more new things, and the rhythm genre is the perfect way to do that.

Plus, there are already way more out-of-the-box spin-offs in the Pokemon franchise, so a rhythm-based game would fit well (we’re looking at you, Pokemon Ranger). 

God of War

God of War Ragnarok promotional art
Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment

There are some interesting spin-offs that could come from the God of War games, including some kind of turn-based combat game. It’s hard to separate the franchise from its heart-pounding action, but it may draw more players to the series.

This would also open the door for some interesting teams that players can fight with, especially with some of the allies seen in Gof of War Ragnarok. Turn-based games also have plenty of room for a great narrative, so a spin-off in this genre would be a perfect addition to the franchise. 

Combat has the potential to stand out as well with all the weapons in the games – the Leviathan Axe could have some neat mechanics in a slower combat style.

Animal Crossing

Ketchup side story in Animal Crossin
Image Credit: Nintendo via Twinfinite

Animal Crossing has had its time to shine recently with New Horizons. However, what if the game took a little bit more of a story-focused approach? Players love their villagers, and it’s a key part of the game, so what if Animal Crossing created a story-based game around the villagers?

Let’s be clear, Animal Crossing does have some story in it. It’s just a story of a growing community, but there are no real problems to overcome. However, each character has plenty of room to be grown and this could be done in a side game really well.

Perhaps it’d be about helping every villager with something in their personal lives or moving to an already-inhabited island full of problems to fix instead of designing a new one. It could even feature older games, revisiting characters like Bianca or Officer Cooper. There’s too much potential for story in the franchise – even Tom Nook’s story would be a great spin-off game.

Mass Effect

Mass Effect 3 Shepherd dating sim
Image via EA

People love the romantic side of Mass Effect, so why not make a dating sim with the characters from the game? It’d be an easy spin-off to make since the romanceable characters have plenty of narrative and dialogue to begin with. 

This wouldn’t be the first time a franchise has done this. Hooked on You was a spin-off of Dead by Daylight, and it turned the horror game into a visual novel. It’d be much easier for Mass Effect to create something in this genre and guarantee at least a decent amount of success considering its passionate fanbase – people would go nuts over romancing squadmate Garrus in a simple dating sim.


Bioshock Infinite good card game
Image via 2K Games

Bioshock has such a unique look and feel to it that it deserves to attract audiences that don’t enjoy FPS games – Bioshock Infinite alone should be played by everyone. Introducing a more laid-back kind of combat with cards could be the perfect way to do this and make for a great spin-off game.

It could be done in a way that doesn’t stray too far from the core game itself. Between collecting cards, upgrading them, and a simple transition from first-person adventuring to choosing cards in a Marvel’s Midnight Suns way, the game could still include everything that Bioshock’s known for. 


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